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The Oracle of Love ஐ Predictions for Daily use

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The Oracle of Love

by Tanya Tsiolakidou

English editionpublished 2014

CopyrightbyVilkomHouse 2014

English|220 pages | Book formats5 × 7⅜ IN


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Our subconscious has its own language, a language rich in images and symbols. Our dreams are an example of this. The subconscious sends us information through them. This information comes spontaneously most of the time, without consciously looking for it. We are not usually able to understand the meaning of our dreams or answer the numerous questions that can arise in our mind when we try to remember them. It is difficult to fully appreciate the deep meanings of our subconscious.

Since ancient times, different techniques for predicting have been used, like the Oracle that you are now reading. This technique has been used to find out the answers to important personal questions, which have been prepared in advance.

This method of predicting from a book is called bibliomancy (from the Greek word Βιβλιομαντείαmeaning “Divination by using a book”). In essence, it is getting an answer to a question based on a random text chosen from a book. The Diviner, meaning the person making the predictions, must be completely focused on the information that they seek. After opening the book at any random page, they use the first text that they see to provide answers to the questions that have been asked.

This method has been used by all cultures and nations ever since books originated. The Ancient Chinese used “The Book of Changes”, known as “I Ching”. They made their predictions using classical texts by scattering dry stems of white yarrow and then opening the book to a random page.

People of different religions have used Holy books to make predictions. Indians have used the Vedas, Jews – the Talmud, Christians – the Bible, Muslims – the Quran. The Ancient Greeks used the texts of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.

Saint Augustine and Saint Francis of Assisi, both famous for remarkable and historical deeds, used the Bible for making predictions and for asking the answers to many questions.

The method of using The Oracle of Love is just the same. The answers to your questions come from your subconscious. This book is just a tool for decoding the information and a means of making the answers clearer for you.

All the answers are formulated using positive psychology. They will help you free your full potential in all aspects of your life. Special attention has been paid to your sensuality, because love is the foundation of everything.

I hope that the answers you receive from these randomly chosen pages will help you discover the secrets of happiness, so that you can live your life to the full, with complete satisfaction.

How the Oracle works

Find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you. Concentrate on your breathing. Breathe deeply, slowly and calmly through your nose. After a while, start holding your breath for about 5 seconds and then breathe out slowly through your mouth.

Free your body from unnecessary distractions – tension, worries, pains, etc. Free your mind from any thoughts and concentrate only on the question that you seek the answer to. The process has now started. When you feel that you are ready, take the book and open it at random. The answer you are looking for is now in front of you.

You can ask different questions anytime, without restrictions. In order to get the right answer, it is important to believe that this will be given to you. You must avoid any outside influences and concentrate solely on your question.

If you don’t have a specific question, but you feel that your life is not going in the right direction, you may say: “I am not happy. What can I do in order to attract …?”; “I feel that I am missing something, I am not doing the right things. How can I attract…?” or “I would like to learn about things that are beneficial to my life”.

To end this introduction, I would like to recall three of the known Universal laws that apply to all aspects of human life. Whatever we do, we should never forget these simple and important laws.

The Law of Thought states that our thoughts create our own reality. As soon as you begin to think about your question, the Universe and the Spiritual World starts to work. They help define your reality.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract the things that you have directed your thoughts towards. At the moment your attention is set on the predictions of the Oracle. You have asked a question and you are expecting to receive the most appropriate answer for you.

The Law of Receiving states that you will only receive the things that you are ready to receive. It means that if you don’t believe in the predictions made by the Oracle, you will not get an answer. This is because you have not opened the channel that is essential for sending information to you.

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